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Matthew Wegner

Matthew Wegner

Matthew Wegner leads Flashbang Studios, an independent developer best known for their Blurst portfolio of games. Flashbang is now working on an HD version of their most popular title, Off-Road Velociraptor Safari. Matthew also co-organizes the Independent Games Festival, advises the Independent Games Summit, edits Fun-Motion, and recently unicycled from Kenya to Tanzania.

Ben Ruiz

Ben Ruiz

Ben Ruiz is art director at Flashbang Studios, the independent developer of the colorful and quirky library of games. A life-long game connoisseur, Ben enjoys games of all flavors and has a lot to say about the enjoyment of said games. None of it is particularly comprehensible, but animal charisma carries it all home.

Tommy Refenes

Tommy Refenes

Tommy Refenes was born on the battlefield on June 14th, 1981 to his mother, a USMC Sergent, and his father, an Abrams-M1 Tank. Tommy was trained in CQC and learned to survive on his own as a mercenary. After stealing a truckload of Packard Bell computers back in the mid 90's, Tommy accidentally turned one on and instantly knew everything about programming. Tommy is currently working on Super Meat Boy.


TIGRadio #29

TIGRadio #29, 12-19-2010

Humble Indie Bundle #2

TIGRadio #28

TIGRadio #28, 11-21-2010

Andy Schatz joins us for a random hour of stuff.

TIGRadio #27

TIGRadio #27, 11-7-2010

We resume! Super Meat Boy launch, IGF, and more.

TIGRadio #26

TIGRadio #26, 8-26-2010

Sean Murray from Hello Games joins us (Joe Danger).

TIGRadio #25

TIGRadio #25, 8-19-2010

Greg Wohlwend interviews Aliceffkt.

TIGRadio #24

TIGRadio #24, 8-1-2010

Adam Saltsman interviews Miah Slaczka

TIGRadio #23

TIGRadio #23, 7-25-2010

Brandon McCartin joins us to talk about his latest projects!

TIGRadio #22

TIGRadio #22, 7-18-2010

Andy Nealen and Eddy Boxerman join us from Hemisphere Games!

TIGRadio #21

TIGRadio #21, 6-20-2010

Gorby Timpson joins us to talk about indie game development.

TIGRadio #20

TIGRadio #20, 6-13-2010

Kellee Santiago joins us to talk about thatgamecompany's latest.

TIGRadio #19

TIGRadio #19, 5-30-2010

Live from TIGJam Winnipeg

TIGRadio #18

TIGRadio #18, 5-23-2010

James and Lisanne from BlinkWorks talk about Indie Game: The Movie.

TIGRadio #17

TIGRadio #17, 5-9-2010

Alec Holowka is joined by Steve Swink and Adam Saltsman

TIGRadio #16

TIGRadio #16, 5-2-2010

Erin Robinson joins us to talk about Puzzle Bots and more.

TIGRadio #15

TIGRadio #15, 4-18-2010

Fireside chat, bouncing between a bunch of topics.

TIGRadio #14

TIGRadio #14, 4-11-2010

David Hellman and Adam Saltsman join us to talk about Apple and middleware.

TIGRadio #13

TIGRadio #13, 4-4-2010

Ron Carmel (2D Boy, Indie Fund) joins us.

TIGRadio #12

TIGRadio #12, 3-21-2010

Andy Moore joins us to talk about Steambirds, GDC, and more!

TIGRadio #11

TIGRadio #11, 3-14-2010

GDC Spectacular! A dozen awesome indies talk for two hours.

TIGRadio #10

TIGRadio #10, 2-28-2010

Dan Tabar (and Edmund McMillen) join us to talk about physics games, tuning and more.

TIGRadio #9

TIGRadio #9, 2-21-2010

Steve Swink joins us to talk about misc things. With Phil Fish. Incomplete recording, will fix soon.

TIGRadio #8

TIGRadio #8, 2-14-2010

Edmund McMillen joins us, along with special call-in guest Andy Schatz.

TIGRadio #7

TIGRadio #7, 2-7-2010

Derek Yu joins us to talk about Spelunky and TIGSource.

TIGRadio #6

TIGRadio #6, 1-31-2010

Greg Wohlwend and Mike Boxleiter join us to talk about motivation, inspiration, and being indie.

TIGRadio #5

TIGRadio #5, 1-24-2010

Tyler Glaiel, Jon Schubbe talk Closure. Steve Swink and Matthew Wegner talk IGS and GDC.

TIGRadio #4

TIGRadio #4, 1-17-2010

Andy Moore and John Graham talk community.

TIGRadio #3

TIGRadio #3, 1-10-2010

Simon Carless and Andy Schatz talk about the IGF.

TIGRadio #2

TIGRadio #2, 1-3-2010

Phil Fish, Heather Kelley, Ron Carmel